Deathtrap Dungeon

Where the party invades the trap-filled sanctum of an unhinged wizard

The party returned to the well after resting a night to investigate the strange sanctum they found. The opening room was circular, with writing on the walls. The wizard trained under Raemus and then, when unfulfilled, trained under a student of Raemus. The two wizards, the younger student and older mentor, were inseparable, like brothers. They summoned a powerful water elemental and worked much powerful magic, creating a magical pool near Herdluck (Ironguard, as Dalimbor would guess). Eventually, jealousy overcame the younger mage and he betrayed his mentor, drowning him in the pool they created.

As Rolen wandered around the room to read the writing, the words became gibberish and he began to sink into the soil. The entrance slammed shut and water started to pour into the chamber. The party quickly moved forward out of the room and found a passage filled with traps – pendulum scythes, whirling blades, spikes. The party fought through the traps, blasting them in large bunches, and into the next chamber.

The next chamber was activated soon enough, and the walls started closing in. The party blasted through the door, but Akra and Roden were caught. They finally squeezed through, but some significant damage was done.

A circular chamber with a large stone statue, armed with spear and shield, awaited them. The head was cut off and replaced with the bust of an unremarkable man, presumably the wizard who set the traps. The statue soon animated and attacked the party. The fight was arduous, especially with water still filling up the hallways. Almost waist deep and difficult terrain for everyone, the party defeated the beast and moved forward without resting.

The narrow passageway beyond the great stone guardian was L-shaped and contained half a dozen beetles who sprang from the water to attack the party. The party finished them off, but more time was wasted. The water was waist-deep and the group was quickly running out of time. They pushed forward to find another circular room with spiked logs across it. A ladder on the wall across the room went up, although water was pouring down from that area as well.

They group decided to risk resting while Hadrian performed a ritual to ferry everyone across. As they crossed one-by-one, they saw creatures slithering through the murky pool and were assured in making the correct decision.

Atop the ladder was an E-shaped chamber with small holes along all of the side walls. The water was ankle deep and flowing quickly. Three doors were at the end of three corridors. The party checked all of them and sprung dart traps all along the room. The volley was continuous and damaging, hurting many in the party before discovering the southern-most door was the correct one. Hadrian led the way into the next room and was nearly killed by a pair of Arbalesters and two black oozes.

Caught between the poisoned darts and the creatures in front of them, the party nearly died right there and then. Recovering and improvising, they fought hard and relentlessly forward, finally defeating all of their enemies. In the end, Akra, Dalimbor, and Roden were dying and only Hadrian and Terrin remained standing. The two survivors quickly attended to their allies and moved on.

At the end of treacherous dungeon the party found a fabulous amount of treasure and a threat. This was not a tomb and the creator would find and kill us.

Experience: ?
Treasure: Dwarven Hammer, 2 Heavy Shields, Grappling Hook, 3 Short Swords, 4 Daggers, Heavy Throwing Shield (heroic tier, Roden), Golem’s Bust, 10110 gp (split 5 ways for 2,022 gp each).



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