First Full Session Summary

As the group left, they saw a figure slowly climbing the icy steps leading up to the tower. Terin cast Snowstep while Hadrian made improvised crampons of his shoes using magic and they both hurried down to assist the old man. Just before Terin reached him, the old man slipped on the icy steps and busted open his leg. Terin and Hadrian helped him up to the tower where Argus tended to his leg. While being bandaged, the man introduced himself as Cedrick and informed them that he was here to see Raemus regarding the bag he was carrying. Hadrian explained that Raemus was busy and suggested that they may be able to assist. Cedrick explained that his family has come upon hard times, and have contemplated selling some of their possessions to buy food for the cold winter. Cedrick’s wife, knowing the bowl had been said to hold the key to their financial future, expected that it contained gold inside the clay and during an argument, smashed the bowl into many pieces. Cedrick has come to get assistance in repairing the bowl and finding out how much the bowl may be worth. The group agreed to help and Malhavok, Terin and Argus assisted Cedrick back into town while Hadrian set about repairing the bowl.

Malhavok, Terin and Argus after seeing Cedrick home went to a tavern by the docks to relax and wait for Hadrian. While at the Tavern, a drunken sailor fell off his barstool onto Malhavok and while his friends looked on, he cursed at Malhavok, retrieved his barstool in one hand and the beer mug in the other and began to take swings at Malhavok with both. Malhavok ducked and dodge most swings but the drunken sailor eventually connected the beer mug to Malhavok’s jaw, Malhavok’s response was a jab to the ribs. The sailor’s friends moved as if to join in but Terin stared them back into their seats. Terin then proceeded to grab the wrist of the sailor, turned his shoulders square towards him and decked him straight in the face, knocking him out cold. Terin handed the empty beer mug to Malhavok who then whacked the unconscious sailor with it only to hear Roland with the town militia call his name with disappointment. Hadrian entered the tavern behind Roland and when he entered the room the situation seemed to diffuse. Roland agreed to set the drunken sailor outside in the snow to cool off and the group sat back down to eat.

While they were eating, an old man came up to them and admired their handling of the situation. He introduced himself as Calvin and requested their assistance in finding who has been stealing his “crop” of mussels. He explained that the past few nights he has found the lines cut on his mussel rafts and offers to pay them to find out who is stealing his mussels and hopefully can return them to him. Eager to help, they set about a plan, setting up lanterns on a few of the rafts and staking out Calvin’s house. Shortly after nine bells, they hear noises coming from the woods and there is movement in the water by what appeared to be a giant lobster. The noises in the woods turn out to be an invisible mage and after chasing her out into the road she became visible and turned to meet them. She was carrying a strange rod that looked like a lobster eye with a gold braided shaft and she wearing clothing fit for summertime in the freezing night air and Malhavok found that when he touched her skin it was warm to the touch. She introduced herself as Brianna and the four of them, after debating, brought her back to town and called for Roland. After further investigation and interrogation, the group found that Brianna was testing this rod that she had recently obtained in the only waters she knew of that held giant lobsters, those near her old master Raemus’ tower. They also found that the mussels were incidently cut by the giant lobster’s claws when it was trying to get out of the water. Argus transformed himself into a turtle and they were able to retrieve the missing mussels. As for Brianna, they brought her back to the Tower to meet with Raemus before returning her rod to her. Brianna liked the idea, she had not seen Helga in years and enjoyed catching up with her old friend.

Looking for a way to earn some money, Argus found that Bryn Silverbeard was about to leave on a trip to the Dwarven city of Kazik and would be willing to hire them on to accompany him.



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