Goblin Ambush

The group’s studies and trainings have been fruitful of the past months and everyone was in good spirits when one morning a visitor to the tower, Sergent Roland, showed up during breakfast. It had been almost three years since Sergent Roland first led you on patrols around the area as part of the militia, although this morning he appeared more worse for the wear than ever before. He explained that two boys went missing several days ago and he and his men have been unable to locate them and they are exhausted. The scrying assistance that Raemus had provided yeilded only that they are protected from scrying and that mornings findings were again fruitless. Your recent time in Dunstans Bluff again made you eligible for militia duty and he requested that the group search the area south of Lumberflow, near the forest inhabited by the elves. The elves have been known to protect their forests from scrying and the boys could simply be lost in the woods. It is a relatively long way to where the elves are known to inhabit, but Raemus reminded everyone that a spell or protection warding something as nebulous as a forest could easily reach that far.

The group made quick time on fresh horses, reaching the woods just north of Overlook Point near the end of the day. A ridge nearby offered the best vantage point to survey the area and plan out a strategy for the following day, and after dismounting and climbing the ridge, the group was ambushed in a clearing at the top of the ridge by a small warband of goblins.

Goblins are definitely not known in the area, and these bear symbols that were not recognized. In the fight, an elf appeared and joined your side, sniping goblins with his bow. The elf introduced himself as Akra, and he explained that he has tracked this warband for several days, but that he could not take them out by himself. He and his patrol parter Noleir had just finished their last patrol of their service and were heading to Dragon’s Lake when they saw a flashing light in the forest. Noleir was quick to fire a couple of arrows and kill a large goblin next to a shimmering portal, but received in kind a half-dozen times over in return fire before Akra could react. Akra felt it prudent to follow the goblins to glean what he could before heading back to report what he had witnessed. The goblins had wandered about seemingly lost but moving steadily toward the edge of the forest until they finally came to the ridge. There they seemed to be planning something until they were startled to see a band of men climbing the very ridge they were using to survey the area.

With the goblin threat dissolved and no one expecting either him nor Noleir back anytime soon, Akra offered to join forces with the party.



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