Where the party gets off their butts and decides to take names...

While making camp for the evening, the party was attacked by swarms upon swarms of stirges. The group was able to fend them off, chase them down once they fled, and kill them off. Deciding the stirges were after goblin corpses, Hadrian incinerated the rest to discourage other scavengers.

After a night’s rest, the group went about looking for the missing children. A few hours of searching led them to a giant ogre trying to grab something out of a well. The party surprised the ogre and defeated him without too much fuss.

Both kids, the children of a lumberjack, regularly traveled upriver to “catch” a log and ride it back to town. The logs weren’t coming, so they kept going and going until they got in trouble. They climbed down in the well to avoid the ogre. Several other search parties were nearby, so the party handed the kids off and continued on.

They noted that there was a secret passage at the bottom of the well to explore later.

Deciding to assist Akra the elf in recovering the body of Rolen, his partner, the group traveled to the shimmering portal. It was guarded by displacer beasts and they too were defeated by the combined prowess of the party. The party destroyed the portal and revived Rolen, who accompanied them.

On their way back to Dunstan’s Bluff, the party tracked down the stirge cave and ridded it of any other pests, which happened to be many giant spiders. The group returned home to rest and plan their next outing.

Experience: No idea
Treasure: 20 gp alchemical reagents (Dalimbor), 30 gp rare herbs (Argus), 30 gp (split evenly between Dalimbor, Argus, Terin, Akra, Gerlocian, and Hadrian).

Quest Status:

  • Rescue kids – complete
  • Shimmering portal/Rolen- complete
  • Why are logs not coming down river? – active
  • Hidden well dungeon – active



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