Outline of The Story So Far

Outline of The Story So Far

Bullet-points on the story so far…

-The group meets Brianna, a former student of Raemus who was trying out a wand of giant lobster control, and in the process damaging the muscle farms. Hadrian confiscates the wand.
-while escorting a caravan, found evidence of goblins in the forest near Pleia’s Glen.
-the goblins there had blackstone, which protects them from magic
-assisted the dwarves
-Argus and Malhavok meet the wizards at Helm’s Guard
-barfights and enemies in Wallace
-life magic raises the dead
-Terin’s basement holds a secret
-Raemus is preoccupied with the King
-Barabus learns secrets about the desert and Haven in the library at Myrevia
-at Fort Reinwald meet Churro, who guides the group to the ruins of an ancient culture, and evidence of dragons in the desert.
-In the desert the group performs a magical ritual.
-Notice Haven in the night sky, although not sure at this point if it is a dragon or what…
-Argus spends time in Woodcrest and learns of brigands and secret plots about Darian
-Argus contracts lycanthropy after leaving Helm’s guard when he is attacked by a werewolf and saved by a man with a silver sword. The werewolf turned out to be his lover.
-Darian is dead, killed by Alex and now Alex is missing. Raemus suggests that he has fled to the sea with the Bloodsword, stolen from Raemus by Darian.
-The ruins near Herdluck are the remains of a magic school.
-The Mayor of Herdluck, “hires” the group to investigate reports of missing cattle and reports of Rat Men.
-Underneath the ruins is the lair of the Rat Men, the group destroys the entranceto the surface, hopefully slowing down the Rat Men and their mining for their warpstone ore.
-The group finds goblins coming from where the river flows out of the mountains and destroys the camp.
-Behind a large waterfall, the group encounters the Dragon Emeraldzelda who has been extorting money from the goblins in exchange for safe passage out of the mountain. Information is exchanged and the party is allowed to leave.
-The group tracks down goblin refugees and slaughters them in The Black Woods.
-Fort Reinwald is sacked by a goblin army led by Emeraldzelda’s three children.
-The group stops the goblin army’s advance to Tucker’s Corner by destroying the bridge, while the Prince and his army “hold” the remaining bridge to Hyrule. They then lead Alrik and the townspeople of Tucker’s Corner across the river, thanks to Hadrian’s magic. The path leading to Hyrule is later named Hadian’s Way after this rescue.
-The Prince decides to meet the goblin army at Tucker’s Corner and reclaim the city (at all costs).
-Anil, the Prince’s advisor is seen forcefully leading Brianna out of the public room. Brianna is not seen or heard from since.
-Terin and Galean teleport with Jorunn to Kazik in an attempt to gain support from the dwarves, who are unable to assist in the coming battle.
-Bjorn and Dalimbor go with the group and the Prince and his army while the other regents assist magically.
-Bjorn is killed by blackstone arrows in a pyric victory where the Prince slays one dragon, and cuts off the claw of another. Barabus convinces the remaining dragon to flee back to her mother. Much of the Prince’s poorly trained army is decimated, and the “vicorious” army heads back to Hyrule and the goblins claim Tucker’s Corner once it is left unguarded.
-A huge parade is held in honor of the Prince and his army’s victory throughout the streets of Hyrule.
-In order to pay for the losses, and to rebuild his army, the Prince titles out the land north of Hyrule and many of the former residents of Tucker’s Corner now make their home across the river from the goblins that inhabit the former town of Tucker’s Corner.
-Gudrun and Kalf summon creatures to “convince” Dalimbor to abdicate the vacancy of regent, which would then allow the Prince to appoint a new regent.
-Dalimbor unexpetedly accepts the role of regent of Hyrule, and assists in voting in Jorunn as the new head regent.
-Alrik the Alchemist of Tucker’s Corner is promoted to regent of Hyrule by Jorunn after Dalimbor’s resignation.
-Argus encourages the group to leave Hyrule unexpectedly
-In Myrevia, a tournament is held


You forgot about the citizens naming their new town after Hadrian. :-)

Outline of The Story So Far

You forgot to mention the boatload of cash I made by betting on Hadrian to win the magical tournament…. not to mention him actually kicking so much butt in the first place…

Outline of The Story So Far

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