Skaven Session Recap

Just to remind everyone where the group is and how the session went (updated with some hints and reminders):

Malhavok cast life magic on Argus and some of the more injured men to heal them after their encounters with the Skaven and told them that he would meet them back at magic school. Argus healed the rest of the men, but he did not have enough magic to heal the dwarf so the four men, Argus, Barabus, Hadrian, and Terin, left the extremely sick and injured Galean (dwarf) at the Wild Boar Inn and Tavern in Herdluck. Thaedeous, the appointed ruler of Herdluck, was not impressed and seemed quite doubtful of the strangers intentions. After being unable to convince any locals that there was any kind of threat, they returned to the ruins.

Upon reaching the ruins, they found that a small tower had been constructed and goblins positioned on the tower and around it’s perimeter.

Argus summoned wolves to send in to attack the goblin sentries and once the first wave of goblins was dispatched, the group waded in to begin casting spells and melee at the tower’s entrance. Hadrian used telekinesis to push a couple of goblin archers off of the tower.

Hadrian barely dodged a flaming strike that emanated from the tower and circled around to the north end of the tower where he was hit by several arrows, only one (critical) that appeared to actually injure him. Hadrian was unable to push any more goblins from atop the tower, so he dispatched them with spells. Barabus took the form of a goblin and rose from amongst the bodies and circled around to the east side of the tower to aid Terin and the dog Ireid in dispatching the goblins gathered there. A plague of rats suddenly appeared around Hadrian and attacked with great fury, biting him soundly in several places. Hadrian then used his contingent teleport spell to distance himself from the rats and then dispatched them with an area effect spell. Argus stepped into the doorway of the tower (the door having already been blown to bits) and noticed that the mounds of goblin carcasses had already begun to enter an advanced stage of decay, swelling, oozing and crawling with maggots. The stench brought him to his knees and he stumbled to the north side of the tower to catch his breath. Terin, his clothes soaked in blood stepped back around the south end of the tower to magically boost his health, leaving Barabus (still in the form of a goblin) and Ireid to finish off the remaining goblins to the east. Terin then made his way around to the west end of the tower meaning to enter when he too was overcome by the foul stench and sight of the decaying goblins. Once at the entrance, a foul mist embraced Terin and he dropped on top of the mound of dead goblins. Barabus, having slain the last goblin cast area effect spells, (including an area darkness effect) into the tower and along with Hadrian, they drove out a Skaven magician who escaped running and skitter-leaping away to the Southeast.


Hadrian is at 3 HP with no MP (and just 2 cantrips remaining for the day). Also note that he failed two fortitude saves for the rat bites… Barabus is wounded, but otherwise alive and well (Mike, I trust you have your HP and MP). Terin is lying barely conscious on the mound of dead goblins (Josh, I remember that you were at zero HP, so you are currently disabled, but mobile). I trust you have your remaining MP recorded). Argus is recovering from nausea (John, I trust you have your HP and MP), but with a successful fortitude save (DC15) he will be fine. You’ll have six rounds before the spell wears off naturally. Argus is essentially unhurt but at half magic strength (John has the specifics I believe). Also, in case it matters to anyone, it is three days until the full moon.

I’ve included Doug and Head too since I’m assuming you’ll tell them of your assault on the tower eventually. If not, they’ll just have to keep player knowledge and character knowledge separate… I didn’t share any secrets!



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