Deathtrap Dungeon
Where the party invades the trap-filled sanctum of an unhinged wizard

The party returned to the well after resting a night to investigate the strange sanctum they found. The opening room was circular, with writing on the walls. The wizard trained under Raemus and then, when unfulfilled, trained under a student of Raemus. The two wizards, the younger student and older mentor, were inseparable, like brothers. They summoned a powerful water elemental and worked much powerful magic, creating a magical pool near Herdluck (Ironguard, as Dalimbor would guess). Eventually, jealousy overcame the younger mage and he betrayed his mentor, drowning him in the pool they created.

As Rolen wandered around the room to read the writing, the words became gibberish and he began to sink into the soil. The entrance slammed shut and water started to pour into the chamber. The party quickly moved forward out of the room and found a passage filled with traps – pendulum scythes, whirling blades, spikes. The party fought through the traps, blasting them in large bunches, and into the next chamber.

The next chamber was activated soon enough, and the walls started closing in. The party blasted through the door, but Akra and Roden were caught. They finally squeezed through, but some significant damage was done.

A circular chamber with a large stone statue, armed with spear and shield, awaited them. The head was cut off and replaced with the bust of an unremarkable man, presumably the wizard who set the traps. The statue soon animated and attacked the party. The fight was arduous, especially with water still filling up the hallways. Almost waist deep and difficult terrain for everyone, the party defeated the beast and moved forward without resting.

The narrow passageway beyond the great stone guardian was L-shaped and contained half a dozen beetles who sprang from the water to attack the party. The party finished them off, but more time was wasted. The water was waist-deep and the group was quickly running out of time. They pushed forward to find another circular room with spiked logs across it. A ladder on the wall across the room went up, although water was pouring down from that area as well.

They group decided to risk resting while Hadrian performed a ritual to ferry everyone across. As they crossed one-by-one, they saw creatures slithering through the murky pool and were assured in making the correct decision.

Atop the ladder was an E-shaped chamber with small holes along all of the side walls. The water was ankle deep and flowing quickly. Three doors were at the end of three corridors. The party checked all of them and sprung dart traps all along the room. The volley was continuous and damaging, hurting many in the party before discovering the southern-most door was the correct one. Hadrian led the way into the next room and was nearly killed by a pair of Arbalesters and two black oozes.

Caught between the poisoned darts and the creatures in front of them, the party nearly died right there and then. Recovering and improvising, they fought hard and relentlessly forward, finally defeating all of their enemies. In the end, Akra, Dalimbor, and Roden were dying and only Hadrian and Terrin remained standing. The two survivors quickly attended to their allies and moved on.

At the end of treacherous dungeon the party found a fabulous amount of treasure and a threat. This was not a tomb and the creator would find and kill us.

Experience: ?
Treasure: Dwarven Hammer, 2 Heavy Shields, Grappling Hook, 3 Short Swords, 4 Daggers, Heavy Throwing Shield (heroic tier, Roden), Golem’s Bust, 10110 gp (split 5 ways for 2,022 gp each).

Where the party gets off their butts and decides to take names...

While making camp for the evening, the party was attacked by swarms upon swarms of stirges. The group was able to fend them off, chase them down once they fled, and kill them off. Deciding the stirges were after goblin corpses, Hadrian incinerated the rest to discourage other scavengers.

After a night’s rest, the group went about looking for the missing children. A few hours of searching led them to a giant ogre trying to grab something out of a well. The party surprised the ogre and defeated him without too much fuss.

Both kids, the children of a lumberjack, regularly traveled upriver to “catch” a log and ride it back to town. The logs weren’t coming, so they kept going and going until they got in trouble. They climbed down in the well to avoid the ogre. Several other search parties were nearby, so the party handed the kids off and continued on.

They noted that there was a secret passage at the bottom of the well to explore later.

Deciding to assist Akra the elf in recovering the body of Rolen, his partner, the group traveled to the shimmering portal. It was guarded by displacer beasts and they too were defeated by the combined prowess of the party. The party destroyed the portal and revived Rolen, who accompanied them.

On their way back to Dunstan’s Bluff, the party tracked down the stirge cave and ridded it of any other pests, which happened to be many giant spiders. The group returned home to rest and plan their next outing.

Experience: No idea
Treasure: 20 gp alchemical reagents (Dalimbor), 30 gp rare herbs (Argus), 30 gp (split evenly between Dalimbor, Argus, Terin, Akra, Gerlocian, and Hadrian).

Quest Status:

  • Rescue kids – complete
  • Shimmering portal/Rolen- complete
  • Why are logs not coming down river? – active
  • Hidden well dungeon – active

Goblin Ambush

The group’s studies and trainings have been fruitful of the past months and everyone was in good spirits when one morning a visitor to the tower, Sergent Roland, showed up during breakfast. It had been almost three years since Sergent Roland first led you on patrols around the area as part of the militia, although this morning he appeared more worse for the wear than ever before. He explained that two boys went missing several days ago and he and his men have been unable to locate them and they are exhausted. The scrying assistance that Raemus had provided yeilded only that they are protected from scrying and that mornings findings were again fruitless. Your recent time in Dunstans Bluff again made you eligible for militia duty and he requested that the group search the area south of Lumberflow, near the forest inhabited by the elves. The elves have been known to protect their forests from scrying and the boys could simply be lost in the woods. It is a relatively long way to where the elves are known to inhabit, but Raemus reminded everyone that a spell or protection warding something as nebulous as a forest could easily reach that far.

The group made quick time on fresh horses, reaching the woods just north of Overlook Point near the end of the day. A ridge nearby offered the best vantage point to survey the area and plan out a strategy for the following day, and after dismounting and climbing the ridge, the group was ambushed in a clearing at the top of the ridge by a small warband of goblins.

Goblins are definitely not known in the area, and these bear symbols that were not recognized. In the fight, an elf appeared and joined your side, sniping goblins with his bow. The elf introduced himself as Akra, and he explained that he has tracked this warband for several days, but that he could not take them out by himself. He and his patrol parter Noleir had just finished their last patrol of their service and were heading to Dragon’s Lake when they saw a flashing light in the forest. Noleir was quick to fire a couple of arrows and kill a large goblin next to a shimmering portal, but received in kind a half-dozen times over in return fire before Akra could react. Akra felt it prudent to follow the goblins to glean what he could before heading back to report what he had witnessed. The goblins had wandered about seemingly lost but moving steadily toward the edge of the forest until they finally came to the ridge. There they seemed to be planning something until they were startled to see a band of men climbing the very ridge they were using to survey the area.

With the goblin threat dissolved and no one expecting either him nor Noleir back anytime soon, Akra offered to join forces with the party.

Into the woods
Where everyone looks for missing villagers and stumbles into a goblin family reunion

After wintering in the north, the party is moved into action once again when some local villagers disappear in a nearby forest. Prodded into action, the party ventured into the woods to find an entire warband of goblins, numbering around forty or so.

Shrugging off the initial onslaught, the party regrouped and defeated the goblin menace to continue on.

Experience: 463

Outline of The Story So Far
Outline of The Story So Far

Bullet-points on the story so far…

-The group meets Brianna, a former student of Raemus who was trying out a wand of giant lobster control, and in the process damaging the muscle farms. Hadrian confiscates the wand.
-while escorting a caravan, found evidence of goblins in the forest near Pleia’s Glen.
-the goblins there had blackstone, which protects them from magic
-assisted the dwarves
-Argus and Malhavok meet the wizards at Helm’s Guard
-barfights and enemies in Wallace
-life magic raises the dead
-Terin’s basement holds a secret
-Raemus is preoccupied with the King
-Barabus learns secrets about the desert and Haven in the library at Myrevia
-at Fort Reinwald meet Churro, who guides the group to the ruins of an ancient culture, and evidence of dragons in the desert.
-In the desert the group performs a magical ritual.
-Notice Haven in the night sky, although not sure at this point if it is a dragon or what…
-Argus spends time in Woodcrest and learns of brigands and secret plots about Darian
-Argus contracts lycanthropy after leaving Helm’s guard when he is attacked by a werewolf and saved by a man with a silver sword. The werewolf turned out to be his lover.
-Darian is dead, killed by Alex and now Alex is missing. Raemus suggests that he has fled to the sea with the Bloodsword, stolen from Raemus by Darian.
-The ruins near Herdluck are the remains of a magic school.
-The Mayor of Herdluck, “hires” the group to investigate reports of missing cattle and reports of Rat Men.
-Underneath the ruins is the lair of the Rat Men, the group destroys the entranceto the surface, hopefully slowing down the Rat Men and their mining for their warpstone ore.
-The group finds goblins coming from where the river flows out of the mountains and destroys the camp.
-Behind a large waterfall, the group encounters the Dragon Emeraldzelda who has been extorting money from the goblins in exchange for safe passage out of the mountain. Information is exchanged and the party is allowed to leave.
-The group tracks down goblin refugees and slaughters them in The Black Woods.
-Fort Reinwald is sacked by a goblin army led by Emeraldzelda’s three children.
-The group stops the goblin army’s advance to Tucker’s Corner by destroying the bridge, while the Prince and his army “hold” the remaining bridge to Hyrule. They then lead Alrik and the townspeople of Tucker’s Corner across the river, thanks to Hadrian’s magic. The path leading to Hyrule is later named Hadian’s Way after this rescue.
-The Prince decides to meet the goblin army at Tucker’s Corner and reclaim the city (at all costs).
-Anil, the Prince’s advisor is seen forcefully leading Brianna out of the public room. Brianna is not seen or heard from since.
-Terin and Galean teleport with Jorunn to Kazik in an attempt to gain support from the dwarves, who are unable to assist in the coming battle.
-Bjorn and Dalimbor go with the group and the Prince and his army while the other regents assist magically.
-Bjorn is killed by blackstone arrows in a pyric victory where the Prince slays one dragon, and cuts off the claw of another. Barabus convinces the remaining dragon to flee back to her mother. Much of the Prince’s poorly trained army is decimated, and the “vicorious” army heads back to Hyrule and the goblins claim Tucker’s Corner once it is left unguarded.
-A huge parade is held in honor of the Prince and his army’s victory throughout the streets of Hyrule.
-In order to pay for the losses, and to rebuild his army, the Prince titles out the land north of Hyrule and many of the former residents of Tucker’s Corner now make their home across the river from the goblins that inhabit the former town of Tucker’s Corner.
-Gudrun and Kalf summon creatures to “convince” Dalimbor to abdicate the vacancy of regent, which would then allow the Prince to appoint a new regent.
-Dalimbor unexpetedly accepts the role of regent of Hyrule, and assists in voting in Jorunn as the new head regent.
-Alrik the Alchemist of Tucker’s Corner is promoted to regent of Hyrule by Jorunn after Dalimbor’s resignation.
-Argus encourages the group to leave Hyrule unexpectedly
-In Myrevia, a tournament is held

Skaven Session Recap

Just to remind everyone where the group is and how the session went (updated with some hints and reminders):

Malhavok cast life magic on Argus and some of the more injured men to heal them after their encounters with the Skaven and told them that he would meet them back at magic school. Argus healed the rest of the men, but he did not have enough magic to heal the dwarf so the four men, Argus, Barabus, Hadrian, and Terin, left the extremely sick and injured Galean (dwarf) at the Wild Boar Inn and Tavern in Herdluck. Thaedeous, the appointed ruler of Herdluck, was not impressed and seemed quite doubtful of the strangers intentions. After being unable to convince any locals that there was any kind of threat, they returned to the ruins.

Upon reaching the ruins, they found that a small tower had been constructed and goblins positioned on the tower and around it’s perimeter.

Argus summoned wolves to send in to attack the goblin sentries and once the first wave of goblins was dispatched, the group waded in to begin casting spells and melee at the tower’s entrance. Hadrian used telekinesis to push a couple of goblin archers off of the tower.

Hadrian barely dodged a flaming strike that emanated from the tower and circled around to the north end of the tower where he was hit by several arrows, only one (critical) that appeared to actually injure him. Hadrian was unable to push any more goblins from atop the tower, so he dispatched them with spells. Barabus took the form of a goblin and rose from amongst the bodies and circled around to the east side of the tower to aid Terin and the dog Ireid in dispatching the goblins gathered there. A plague of rats suddenly appeared around Hadrian and attacked with great fury, biting him soundly in several places. Hadrian then used his contingent teleport spell to distance himself from the rats and then dispatched them with an area effect spell. Argus stepped into the doorway of the tower (the door having already been blown to bits) and noticed that the mounds of goblin carcasses had already begun to enter an advanced stage of decay, swelling, oozing and crawling with maggots. The stench brought him to his knees and he stumbled to the north side of the tower to catch his breath. Terin, his clothes soaked in blood stepped back around the south end of the tower to magically boost his health, leaving Barabus (still in the form of a goblin) and Ireid to finish off the remaining goblins to the east. Terin then made his way around to the west end of the tower meaning to enter when he too was overcome by the foul stench and sight of the decaying goblins. Once at the entrance, a foul mist embraced Terin and he dropped on top of the mound of dead goblins. Barabus, having slain the last goblin cast area effect spells, (including an area darkness effect) into the tower and along with Hadrian, they drove out a Skaven magician who escaped running and skitter-leaping away to the Southeast.


Hadrian is at 3 HP with no MP (and just 2 cantrips remaining for the day). Also note that he failed two fortitude saves for the rat bites… Barabus is wounded, but otherwise alive and well (Mike, I trust you have your HP and MP). Terin is lying barely conscious on the mound of dead goblins (Josh, I remember that you were at zero HP, so you are currently disabled, but mobile). I trust you have your remaining MP recorded). Argus is recovering from nausea (John, I trust you have your HP and MP), but with a successful fortitude save (DC15) he will be fine. You’ll have six rounds before the spell wears off naturally. Argus is essentially unhurt but at half magic strength (John has the specifics I believe). Also, in case it matters to anyone, it is three days until the full moon.

I’ve included Doug and Head too since I’m assuming you’ll tell them of your assault on the tower eventually. If not, they’ll just have to keep player knowledge and character knowledge separate… I didn’t share any secrets!

First Full Session Summary

As the group left, they saw a figure slowly climbing the icy steps leading up to the tower. Terin cast Snowstep while Hadrian made improvised crampons of his shoes using magic and they both hurried down to assist the old man. Just before Terin reached him, the old man slipped on the icy steps and busted open his leg. Terin and Hadrian helped him up to the tower where Argus tended to his leg. While being bandaged, the man introduced himself as Cedrick and informed them that he was here to see Raemus regarding the bag he was carrying. Hadrian explained that Raemus was busy and suggested that they may be able to assist. Cedrick explained that his family has come upon hard times, and have contemplated selling some of their possessions to buy food for the cold winter. Cedrick’s wife, knowing the bowl had been said to hold the key to their financial future, expected that it contained gold inside the clay and during an argument, smashed the bowl into many pieces. Cedrick has come to get assistance in repairing the bowl and finding out how much the bowl may be worth. The group agreed to help and Malhavok, Terin and Argus assisted Cedrick back into town while Hadrian set about repairing the bowl.

Malhavok, Terin and Argus after seeing Cedrick home went to a tavern by the docks to relax and wait for Hadrian. While at the Tavern, a drunken sailor fell off his barstool onto Malhavok and while his friends looked on, he cursed at Malhavok, retrieved his barstool in one hand and the beer mug in the other and began to take swings at Malhavok with both. Malhavok ducked and dodge most swings but the drunken sailor eventually connected the beer mug to Malhavok’s jaw, Malhavok’s response was a jab to the ribs. The sailor’s friends moved as if to join in but Terin stared them back into their seats. Terin then proceeded to grab the wrist of the sailor, turned his shoulders square towards him and decked him straight in the face, knocking him out cold. Terin handed the empty beer mug to Malhavok who then whacked the unconscious sailor with it only to hear Roland with the town militia call his name with disappointment. Hadrian entered the tavern behind Roland and when he entered the room the situation seemed to diffuse. Roland agreed to set the drunken sailor outside in the snow to cool off and the group sat back down to eat.

While they were eating, an old man came up to them and admired their handling of the situation. He introduced himself as Calvin and requested their assistance in finding who has been stealing his “crop” of mussels. He explained that the past few nights he has found the lines cut on his mussel rafts and offers to pay them to find out who is stealing his mussels and hopefully can return them to him. Eager to help, they set about a plan, setting up lanterns on a few of the rafts and staking out Calvin’s house. Shortly after nine bells, they hear noises coming from the woods and there is movement in the water by what appeared to be a giant lobster. The noises in the woods turn out to be an invisible mage and after chasing her out into the road she became visible and turned to meet them. She was carrying a strange rod that looked like a lobster eye with a gold braided shaft and she wearing clothing fit for summertime in the freezing night air and Malhavok found that when he touched her skin it was warm to the touch. She introduced herself as Brianna and the four of them, after debating, brought her back to town and called for Roland. After further investigation and interrogation, the group found that Brianna was testing this rod that she had recently obtained in the only waters she knew of that held giant lobsters, those near her old master Raemus’ tower. They also found that the mussels were incidently cut by the giant lobster’s claws when it was trying to get out of the water. Argus transformed himself into a turtle and they were able to retrieve the missing mussels. As for Brianna, they brought her back to the Tower to meet with Raemus before returning her rod to her. Brianna liked the idea, she had not seen Helga in years and enjoyed catching up with her old friend.

Looking for a way to earn some money, Argus found that Bryn Silverbeard was about to leave on a trip to the Dwarven city of Kazik and would be willing to hire them on to accompany him.

The Beginings

Raemus is a good teacher and mentor, firm but with a good, caring nature about him. You see him as an advisor and judge to the people of Dunstan’s Bluff as almost everyday he receives visits from the local townspeople who require his aid. This aid, requiring his magic, wisdom or just an open ear is given freely by a caring and wise ruler. He has the respect of nearly everyone around. As you study, you notice that he is trying to instill some of the same qualities in his students, some being more receptive than others.

You have learned a lot about magic from Raemus’ lectures and his extensive library, but not leaving the tower for two months grew on everyone’s nerves. Just as cabin fever threated to claim some of those less even-tempered Raemus declared that you were “ready for some experience” and sent you off on a patrol with the local militia. Through some friendly discussions with Sergeant Roland, to whom you reported for duty, you found that part of Raemus’ feudal obligations require him to supply “troops” to bolster the rather small militia. You soon realized why Raemus himself did not join you after sleeping on the cold, hard ground on a three week patrol south to Overlook Point and the surrounding villages. Most of what you remember of the scenery is white from the miles and miles of seemingly endless treking through snow.

Your typical day at school consists of a breakfast of warm oats and eggs followed by morning chores and then Raemus’ lecture. Past lectures include: Philosophy of Magic Spell Theory Divination for the Divine Scrying Library Instruction Fundamentals of Spell Transcription Principles of Casting Spell Tutorials and Seminars Formula Analysis Laboratory Techniques Power Thinking Survey of Literature Language Instruction Fundamentals of Meditation Basic Astrology

For lunch, Helga usually prepares a soup or a stew, made from fresh seafood. After lunch is physical training in the courtyard and then project work until a dinner of grilled fish or steamed mussels. After dinner there are more chores to be done and then private study before bed.

When Raemus does not have lectures scheduled you are expected to work with the militia taking fire watch in the town towers, patrolling around the town or standing guard at the city gates. Reading on duty is frowned upon, since you are supposed to be on watch but more than once several of you have smuggled in a book to help pass the time. Over the past two months you haven’t seen anything out of the ordinary happen in Dunstan’s Bluff and you’ve caught yourselves wishing that something would happen just to break the monotony. Morning chores have almost been completed when you overhear a knock at the door, the visitor is for Raemus of course and Raemus sends word that lectures are cancelled for the day and you have the day for personal use. The morning chores finish up quickly and the students scatter to their rooms execpt for a few of you who have decided to go into town.


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