Character Creation


Playable: Dwarf, Elf, Half-Elf, Human
Do Not Exist: Eladrin, Genasi, Gnome, Halfling, Kobold, Tiefling

Creating a Character

  • Ability scores will be determined using the Standard Point Buy method, with 6 additional points.
  • Characters should be taken from the playable races listed above.
  • Players can play a class of the Arcane, Martial, or Primal power source; The Divine power source is not available.
  • The Religion skill covers Spiritualism.
  • Players/characters availability and ideas/goals decide what goes on in the world, with everyone having an effect on the game.
  • Detailed character history/characterization will be rewarded with a background (to be decided by the DM).
  • All characters will start out with a secret. This can be anything of your choosing, but I encourage it to be something that your character would not readily share with other characters. The harsher that this secret is could benefit you (DM rewards). A fear or phobia is not a secret, but such characterization will be rewarded. I prefer that you discuss this with me before deciding upon a secret.

Questions you may want to answer:

  • What makes your character different?
  • What would he/she do in their free time?
  • What is his/her family life like?
  • Goals?
  • Personality Type?
  • Greatest Fear?
  • Favorite Color?

The Dragon Magazine article, “Characterization Made Easy” published years ago is a good start. I can get you a copy if you are interested.

Character Sheets

I will keep track of characters sheets using the D&D Insider and publish them as PDFs for download after each game.

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Character Creation

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