This is where we will keep a running list of all of the quests that the party can complete, as well as any plot threads:

Relevant plot

  1. Find the missing two boys
  2. Find the shimmering portal the goblins came through and make sure it is closed (it was not when Akra last saw it)
  3. Recover his body, and report the death of Noleir (Akra’s patrol partner) to his family

Other – in no particular order

  • Recover the Helm of Leadership from Gudran and Kalf
  • Find Terin’s sister
  • Find the Sword of Light
  • Stop the Prince (in whatever he’s trying to do)
  • Who hired Darian to steal the Bloodsword?
  • Find Alex and get the Bloodsword back
  • Visit Haven
  • Visit Pawvale
  • Who is Hadrian’s twin?
  • Find out information on the ritual being performed by the lady sacrificing the dragon
  • Who was the fiery guy in the portal?
  • Is Boris okay (he’s in the triad of fire)
  • Find Anil and beat him up (kidnapped Terin’s sister)
  • Are the Skaven secured near Herdluck?
  • What about the Goblins in Tucker’s Corner?
  • Where is Brianna?
  • What will become of Fort Reinwald?
  • What is in the dead magic area south of Deerfield?
  • Is everything okay with Walsh and the Tamarind grove?
  • Will the demonoid things come back?
  • Take over Wallace

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