I came up with Sederia while pondering different states of mind. Sederia, as I think of it, is a happy, sedate state where peace is the norm. How one comes to sederia may be an interesting story, or the destruction/loss of sederia may be interesting. The campaign world is based in a country called Sederia, that within the past few decades has acheived a state of peace and relative tranquility. Such a state cannot last forever, and this campaign revolves around the players and the decisions that they make. In my mind, the campaign revolves around the quote, “Evil is what happens when good people do nothing.”

About the World

  • The world is a non-standard world that I have created. This world is a place where magic is unusual (but not unheard of) and those wielding magic are special.
  • Magical healing in this world is very rare and not immediately available to players. The restriction is on Life and Death magic.
  • Use of Life and Death magic is outlawed in Sederia, so it’s use is widely kept secret.
  • Sederia is the country that most player character are from, and it encompasses pretty much everything on the map (Map of Sederia). Myrevia is the capital.
  • Elentia, the central home of the Elves hidden somewhere in the Elven Woods, and Kazik, the overland entrance to the expansive tunnels of the dwarves, are within the borders of Sederia technically, but they do not pay taxes to Sederia and are seen more as independent city-states, even though they have both marched under the banner of Sederia in several wars.
  • The official borders of Sederia are the coast of the Tarus Sea in the west, Lumberflow river in the north, the Silver Mountains in the east, to the Reed River in the south (South of Southgate).
  • Mandara is the only “city” on this map that is not a part of Sederia. It is an archipelago island nation that extends westward off this map and is populated by the Oilayan people, a dark-skinned people with a tribal culture that prefer the use of ancestral magic over technology.


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